Siloed Education

Higher Education creates specialists. Students rarely work with other disciplines. This is not how companies work.


Design Thinking

Empathise with users, define needs, create ideas, prototype and test assumptions. Iterate and integrate  perspectives.


T-Shaped Graduates

Apply specialist knowledge. Broaden awareness of other disciplines. Develop skills that cross boundaries.



A vibrant community is built for each delivery following a unique collaboration architecture.


Client companies describes a perceived gap in the market that suggests an opportunity.


48 Undergraduates divided across 12 teams, supported by 12 postgraduate facilitators.


4 academics with expertise from Business, Arts, Science and Engineering.


Academic content is supported by inputs and guidance from commercial experts.

Role Models

4 Graduate entrepreneurs act as 'scouts', exploring  opportunities and guiding teams.


Programme coordination ensures that participants are kept current and on task.

“I applaud this integration, the project that you have here - that reaches across the disciplines, that makes design and entrepreneurship an integral part of what it’s all about.”

Professor Sir John O'Reilly, Director General, Knowledge and Innovation (BIS)


Creative Currency

A simulation with real rewards. A virtual currency makes contributions transparentis used to motivate and .
Contributions Recognised

Get paid for working on the project. Earn bonus rewards for your enterprise team account.

Prioritisation and Decision Making

Develop a strategy with your Team. Hire consultants and buy scarce resources.

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National Enterprise Educatprs Award